House Cleaning (AZ only)

Home Cleaning Service

For a service fee of $75.00, a house cleaning professional will provide 90-minutes of cleaning (or two cleaning professionals for 45-minutes). Need more time? Just ask at the time of scheduling for additional time and pricing.

Service Terms and Conditions

  • Not included: Excessive buildup or clutter, the interior of appliances, pet urine or feces stains, old or permanent stain removal, or any stains that require enzyme treatment.
  • For an additional fee, other services can be provided including: cleaning longer than the 90 minutes, deep cleaning of kitchens or bathrooms, refrigerator and oven cleaning, and more. To order additional services, let the service provider know at the time of scheduling.
  • Service dates are limited and must be scheduled for completion within 60 days of the service order date.
  • Service is limited to (1) per contract period.

Order online or by calling OneGuard at 888.896.0014!

*Services may not be available in your area and may only be available for a limited time. Services must be scheduled within 60 days of the service order date.