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When you partner with OneGuard®, you can be confident that your clients’ homes will be covered by a home warranty company that aims to deliver exceptional customer service and comprehensive plans to meet their needs. Essentially, our job is to work hard on our end to make sure the process is easy on your end.


Benefits for agents, buyers, and sellers

Our home warranty and service plans are great for both listing agents and home buyers alike. Listing agents enjoy the benefit of promoting qualified and reliable home warranty protection, while home buyers enjoy the award-winning services of our home service experts.

As a real estate professional, you’ll receive incredible benefits by working with OneGuard, such as:

  • Competitive advantage over other listed homes
  • Reduced liability for completing appliance or system repairs after closing
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Qualified service contractors to complete repairs or perform home services for your clients

Top-quality home warranties and service plans

OneGuard was first started by property managers who wanted a home warranty with fewer limitations, excellent customer service, and fast response times. We understood the quality coverage home buyers and sellers wanted, so we set out to design plans with our clients’ needs in mind. Our home warranty and service plans cover a wide range of services, designed to give your clients’ homes the protection and flexibility they need.

Home warranty plans

We know home warranties can benefit home buyers, but they can also be rewarding for you as an agent. Quality home warranty plans help take away the pressure of unforeseen covered breakdowns after closing and puts the problem in our hands. Our plans were designed to handle the frustrations of appliance and system failures and ultimately help protect your reputation as a real estate professional.

We offer three different warranty plans depending on the amount of coverage your client may prefer: Sentinel, Centurion, and Guardian. Each plan offers different levels of coverage which gives you the opportunity to work with your home buyers and sellers to determine which coverage plan works best for either party’s needs.

Visit our warranty and service plans page for more information about plans for your client.

Home maintenance services

We’ve combined home warranty coverage with home maintenance services to help increase the satisfaction of your clients. We understand that having our warranty plans integrated with home services—such as rekeying, carpet cleaning, pest control, window washing, and more—helps make selling homes easier and helps create a better overall experience for the home buyer. In the end, our exceptional customer service and high-quality work means your clients will thank you for referring them to us.

Additional benefits

We pride ourselves on offering more than traditional home warranties. The following are additional real estate home warranty and service plan benefits:

No-fault coverage

All our real estate home warranty and service plans include no-fault coverage, also known as Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions coverage. This covers unknown problems that would be undetectable by a visual inspection or simple mechanical test.

Seller’s coverage

If the seller purchases a one-year OneGuard home warranty and service plan for the buyer of the home, the seller will receive home warranty coverage during the listing period. The seller’s coverage begins on the date the policy is active and lasts up to 6 months while the home is actively on the market. In addition, the buyer will receive twelve months of coverage beginning the day of closing.

Payment is not due until closing. The contract fee is then paid out from the proceeds of the sale of your home. If the seller has a covered failure during the listing period, the seller will simply pay the nominal service fee for the repair.

Seller’s coverage is currently only available in Arizona and Texas. In Texas, if the seller has a claim during the listing period, the seller pays $200 of the premium at the time of the claim. This $200 payment will then be deducted from the premium and the net remaining premium amount will be due at close of escrow.

Certified Pre-Owned Home program

Our Certified Pre-Owned Home Program, offered as a seller’s coverage option in Phoenix, San Antonio, and Las Vegas, will give your listing a competitive edge. This program includes a mechanical inspection, which works to identify seller-warranted items that need to be fixed early on. The seller is responsible for repairs before the certification goes into effect. This is important because broken items can be repaired or replaced prior to listing the home, which helps avoid the hassle of negotiating costly repairs with potential buyers.

The seller also benefits from the warranty’s Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions coverage during the listing period because unknown problems that would be undetectable by a visual inspection or simple mechanical test are covered. Finally, the Certified Pre-Owned Home program comes with marketing materials such as a sign rider, tent cards, certificate of compliance, and a mechanical inspection report.

We value the real estate community

We value our partnership with the real estate community and, more importantly, value your opinion. Real estate professionals provide us with key insights to innovative solutions for the problems homebuyers are facing, and create an even better home buying experience. If you have any input, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll discuss with you what we can do so that our warranty plans, services, and customer care are tailored to your specific needs.

We provide you with all the information and resources you need as a real estate professional. Feel free to download our free real estate resources.

I am a realtor and I have had OneGuard on my current home for over 4 years and running. As far as I'm concerned I think they are the best out there.
Kristen R., Cypress, TX


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