Home Security Tips

Tips for Preventing Home Burglary

Have you ever considered whether your home is a target for burglars? With break-ins occurring every 14 seconds in the U.S., homeowners should make their homes as uninviting to burglars as they can. Here are a few tips to keep your home safe:

Your Best Defense: A Home Security System

Today, home security systems are more affordable than ever and offer great peace of mind.

  • While home security system features can vary, installing even the most basic system makes your home three times less likely to be broken into.
  • Be sure to advertise your home security system with yard signs and window stickers that a burglar is sure to see.

Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts

Your home’s landscape plays a part in preventing a burglary. Consider these landscaping strategies to minimize your chances of a break-in:

  • Avoid planting tall shrubs and ornamental trees with heavy foliage in areas that could block the view of a burglar attempting to enter your home. While these plants may offer privacy, they are ideal places for intruders to hide and wait for your departure.
  • Plant thorny trees, shrubs, flowers or cacti along perimeter walls so burglars think twice before jumping over. Your local nursery will likely have suggestions for the best plants to grow in your area.
  • Always keep a well maintained yard. Overgrown grass and weeds are signs that the homeowners are not around or are out of town. Full mailboxes and turned off lights can also be a sign of vacancy, so plan ahead.
  • Install lights on your home that are triggered by motion sensor as a way to alert you and your neighbors of a trespasser.

Always, Always Lock Up!

It may seem obvious, but always lock doors and windows before leaving your home, even if you only plan on being gone for a few minutes.

  • The average home burglary only lasts around eight minutes, thus making your daily dog walk or quick run to the store a perfect time for an intruder to run in and out with your personal items.

Secure Sliding Doors and Windows

Sliding doors and windows, especially older ones, can be forced opened by an intruder without too much effort.

  • When you plan to be away from home for long periods of time or go on vacation, consider placing a metal bar behind sliding doors or windows into the track. Be sure the bar is nearly the length of the track so that there’s not much room to slide the door or window should an intruder pry open the lock.

Don’t Hand Over Your Keys

Spare keys offer a quick, painless entrance into your home for burglars.

  • Many of us are guilty of hiding a spare key under the doormat, flowerpot, or in a fake rock. Although we may think that our hiding spot is discrete, intruders know to check these areas.
  • Be cautious of who you give a spare key to. If your cleaning company or service provider needs a key, be sure the company requires background checks for employees. They will not only have access to your home at the time of service, but they could make a copy of your key for future use.
  • If you recently purchased a home or have lost a key, we highly recommend getting your home rekeyed. If you are OneGuard customer, you can request a rekey service today!