Four Twists on Common Mother’s Day Gifts


Forget the flower bouquet and give mom something that’ll last! Plant flowers, shrubbery, or a tree in her yard so she can watch them grow every day, just like she did with you.

Gift Card

A DIY gift card is the simplest way to steal mom’s heart this Mother’s Day. Make a gift card that your hard-working mom can use on things money can’t buy–  time spent with you, a week free of cooking or cleaning, or perhaps just an undisturbed bubble bath or nap!


Skip the scented candles this year and get mom an electric oil diffuser. Oil diffusers can bring the beautiful aroma mom loves without the dangerous burning wick. Plus, she can switch out the scents for whatever she is in the mood for– lavender to relax or citrus to give her a boost of energy!

Breakfast in Bed

Swap out the breakfast in bed with dinner and show! Make mama her favorite dinner while you reminisce on old stories. Once dinner is over, surprise her with a homemade slideshow that comprises all her favorite family photos.  She’ll thank you for the trip down memory lane!