16 Ways to Simplify Your Move

So you’ve closed on your new home and you are eager to move in, but a little overwhelmed by what you need to do. Try out these 16 tips for a smooth move that’ll have you enjoying your new home sooner than later.

Plan, plan, plan!

Create a moving calendar and to-do list to avoid last minute rushing and stress.

Do a little at a time.

Pack a few boxes a daily, starting a month before your move. Start with your least used items like seasonal clothes and home decor.

Pack wisely.

  • Use banker boxes for packing smaller items. They have handles for easy stacking and transporting.
  • Pack fragile picture frames and glass items in plastic storage boxes to prevent breaks and shatters.
  • Wine and beer cases are great for packing glasses and stemware.
  • Wrap fragile items in your blankets and sheets to maximize space and save money on bubble wrap.

Stay organized.

  • When you dismantle furniture, keep the screws and hardware in labeled plastic bags.
  • Try not to put items from different rooms into the same box.
  • Use labels to color code each box according to the room it belongs in for effortless, organized unpacking.

Keep, Trash, Donate, and Sell.

You’ll likely have items or clothes that won’t be making the move with you. Stay organized by creating four separate piles: keep, trash, donate, and sell.

Save your energy.

  • Pack heavy items like books in your suitcases so you can roll them, rather than lift.
  • Rent a dolly from your local hardware store or moving company to move multiple boxes at once and transport heavy items safely.
  • Tape over your door latch for easy opening and closing when carrying boxes to and from the truck.

Enjoy yourself.

  • Order delivery or go out to eat the week before your moving date since most of your kitchen supplies will be packed and you won’t want to transport groceries to your new home.
  • Turn your utilities on at your new home before you move, so you can enjoy internet, air conditioning, and hot water after a long day of moving!